Plants with mechanical and hydraulic presses

Presses of 5.400 tons for stamping side beams for trucks and buses up to 11m long.

9 Mechanical presses from 300tons to 1.000 tons

1 Hydraulic Press of 750 tons

4 Equalizer systems from 15 to 20 tons for stamping small parts.

Assembling by Manual welding, Spot Welding, Projection Welding and Robot Welding.

Assembly line of chassis for trucks, buses and vehicles for the agro business.

Liquid Painting process

3 Punching Machines

Rolling Machines and Bending Machines with CNC

Washing process, cataphoresis (E-COAT) and Powder Coating in line.

Chemical Lab

Engineering and Design Center

Tooling: design and tooling building, devices and calibers.

Metrology Lab with 3D equipments.