Frames and Side rails

Technical Specifications

  • Side rails with heat treatment
  • Just-in-time production
  • Flexible CNC and Robotic processes
  • Low and high volume production
  • 4,000 tons press, 480 inch length
  • Polyester powder coating or e-coat process

The product can be manufactured to exact customer chassis design specifications (including the VIN Serial number) and shipped “just-in- time” to the customer’s line-sequence requirements or as generic product to meet smaller customer requirements.

Flexible CNC and Robotic processes are utilized that provide the customer with flexibility (not available with hard tooling), minimal tooling investment, and quick response times to meet the constantly changing market demands.

Various process options are available to address low and high volume applications. Roll formers are used to make straight product but a 4,000 tons press is available for customers who need unique design configurations up to 480 inch in length.

The product can be coated with the “state of the art” Polyester Powder coating or E-coat process that meet the current industry performance requirements for all of our customers.

Standard tooling is available to offset total tooling costs. Offset equipment is also available to “plan view offset” the rails up to nine (9) degrees of displacement for all material strengths.