Founded in 1966 Ingeniería y Maquinaria de Guadalupe (Maxion Inmagusa) by Gustavo Galaz starting as Engineering outsource.

In 1968 started the production of frame rails for DINA, a Mexican OEM, and in the same year started developing heat treatment process for these parts.

Since, 1974 Maxion Inmagusa has been producing heat-treated and non-heat-treated frame rails and structural components for OEM manufacturers of medium and heavy duty trucks (Class 4 to Class 8), buses, fire trucks, Military and RV vehicles for the transportation industry. Maxion Inmagusa is the largest supplier of frame rails in the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) market.

In 1995, Maxion Inmagusa began to manufacturing frames and side rail for Freightliner trucks. In 2000 all Freightliner locations received Maxion Inmagusa frame rails.

In 2003, started the frame rail production for Navistar trucks.

Later, in 2006 all Navistar trucks were switched to Maxion Inmagusa products.


In 2012 Iochpe-Maxion acquired Maxion Inmagusa. Iochpe-Maxion is the largest global wheel maker company with two main divisions in the auto parts and railway equipment industries, which together account for nearly 18 thousand direct job positions at 23 manufacturing plants in the states of São Paulo.

Along with the development of all businesses and the market segments, Iochpe Maxion divided the company into two different units: Maxion Structural Components and Maxion Wheels.

Today Maxion Inmagusa has 50,000 m2 (540,000 sq ft) of manufacturing area under roof.