Maxion Structural Components has one of the largest stamping production capabilities of the Southern hemisphere, with presses from 15 to 5,200 tons and large tables. It also has the know-how in transfer machines, progressive or tandem systems with captive presses and automatic coil feeding system that ensures process efficiency and repeatability.

For assembling its products, Maxion has the expertise for welding processes such as MIG/MAG, TIG, submerged arc, welding projection, spot welding, as well as joining processes for riveting, bolting and clinch system.

The company offers roll forming process and equipments such as press brakes, 2D/3D CNC laser cutting machines to supply the demands of low volume and prototype construction, offering flexibility and low investment to its clients. Equipment and systems for surface treatments and protective E-Coat, Top-Coat and Powder Coating are used to add value to all manufactured products.