Iochpe-Maxion is engaged with sustainability and promotes various corporate citizenship initiatives, such as support and incentives for the development of those cities in which its plants are located.

The practices mentioned above are part of the day-to-day running of Maxion’s plants and employees, through attitudes that are based on ethics and respect and also by choosing the appropriate productive process, building business growth and increasing operational efficiency with the aim to protect the environment.

Respect for diversity and the encouragement of volunteer work are valued and widespread among all employees, as well as the positive view regarding the influence of its productive plants on the development of the cities and principles of sustainability. The relationship with the local community, representative bodies and public authorities is based on constant dialogue and transparency.


All Iochpe-Maxion plants rely on “Environmental Management Committees” for counseling support. The Committees are formed by employees from different areas, especially those areas that are directly engaged with the production process.

The Committees are responsible for adopting and standardizing environmental best practices, identifying and solving “non- conformities” creating and developing educational and motivational campaigns, specifically targeting the staff, in addition to  enhancing the Selective Collection programs that are present in all industrial plants and offices of Iochpe-Maxion.