Continuing Education


This Project targets the development of  leaders aligned to the company´s culture, values and mission, providing knowledge and better work conditions.


It is a professional development program sponsored by the company. The employee goes through a recruitment process and if there is match with the requirements and the available positions, then the employee will be able to start a professional training at a Vocational School chosen by the company.


It is a program of behavioral development at Maxion available to its employees in a structured way. The focus is working on the personal aspects of workers in order to reflect on their professional development. Therefore, workers take initiative and show effective behavior characteristics.


In order to develop its employees, Maxion Structural Components has partnerships with renowned Universities, developing their management teams in several levels through modern tools and management concepts. Maxion also has partnerships with Educational Institutions that offers Technology Update courses tailored for the company´s major processes; such as welding, stamping, tooling, and other projects.