Actions with the community


Formare is a social program established by Iochpe Foundation, there are offices in 12 states and 65 cities in Brazil.

By setting up business partnerships with large and medium sized companies, Formare tries to help young people growing up in poor families through education. Vocational Courses are offered as part of the social program, these courses usually last a year and Iochpe-Maxion workers and their families volunteer and contribute during the courses.


One of the first projects created by Iochpe Foundation, Art in School aims to implement continuing education programs for art teachers in Public schools, researching and qualifying learning processes.

This project has set up partnerships with Universities and Departments of Education and is also based on University Centers, which are structured as venues for training dissemination. Over the years the work of “Art in School” is well recognized. The differentials and results of Art in School project have officially been acknowledged by UNESCO since 1999.


The Institute was founded in 1997 and it began with just one classroom. Nowadays, it has 749 students and an infrastructure that includes the following: 6 classrooms for Preschool, 12 classrooms for Elementary school, 7 classrooms for Middle/High school, and other multipurpose rooms for English and computer labs, as well as sports fields, parks, baseball stadium, parking for teachers and parents.

Inmagusa Institute’s mission is to give workers a different option and an excellent educational environment for their children.
It is a nonprofit educational institution, operated without government funds and financed by the company as a direct benefit to its employees and the community.