Maxion Structural Components – Cruzeiro has in its portfolio the most varied types of structural components due to more than 70 years of know-how in just-in-sequency stamping and assembling processes and to its diversified industrial park, with stamping lines, Roll Forming lines, robotic welding and manual lines, top-coat and e-coat painting lines.


Maxion Cruzeiro has a broad and diverse park of presses with capacities between 20 and 5.200 tons and it is one of the largest parks of Latin America in beating capacity. The lines in this park are divided as following: Light, Medium and Heavy Pressing.

The Light Pressing line has capacity between 20 and 250 tons and its manual feeding systems through coil or strip can suit a variety of needs and market profiles. The Medium Pressing line has capacity between 400 and 2.500 tons and capacity for more than 100.000 beats monthly to supply high production volumes, coping with the capacity of the unit to supply segments of high and low volumes, always with the best cost-benefit.

The Plant also has a press of 2.500 tons provided with Tandem System, capable of performing sequential stamping in up to 8 stages.

The Heavy Pressing line has as its highlight a 5.200 ton press, with a 12 meter (40 ft) table, the biggest one in Latin America, giving the company a reference position in the market of curved side rails production.

Besides this one, the company has two other 3.000 ton presses that increase the capacity of the plant to service the automotive market.


In order to service a more dynamic and diverse market, Maxion Cruzeiro has Roll Forming process lines that manufacture side rails, which enables the production of straight side rails with no length limit and low cost of change and set-up.

The Roll Forming Process is complemented with the use of CNC-punching, bending and plasma cutting machines, therefore offering a great solution for low volumes and customized projects.


Having expertise in the key types of assembling available in the market and years of experience supplying the automotive industry, Maxion Cruzeiro has equipments for bolted assembling, including electric screwdrivers with torque control, riveted assembling and riveters with up to 50 tons.

The plant has assembling lines located close to the main centers of heavy vehicles, Maxion Cruzeiro offers the option of assembling in stationary and continuing lines for assembling both bolted and riveted chassis, this way meeting the needs of the market.

It also has a line dedicated to the production of welded chassis for pickups of high volume, provided with high-tech devices and know-how that ensures the capability and strength of the process.

In order to supply metal structural components, Maxion Cruzeiro has several MIG welding cells and robotic spot welding cells. It also has partnerships with the main manufacturers of robots in the world market, which ensures a healthy competitiveness in the projects.  In order to supply low volume markets, Maxion Cruzeiro can also count with manual welding cells operated by welders with high expertise in specific assembling.


The purpose of pre-treatment and surface painting is to prepare the metal surface by depositing a micro-crystalline phosphate layer to receive application of primers and varnish finish, meeting the required quality standards.

The main goal is to ensure adherence to the primer, which together with the painting, resists salt-spray, combined cycle and weathering tests, giving to the treated surface an excellent protection against corrosion.

Maxion Cruzeiro supplies the market with painting by electro deposition and also polyester powder top coat, painting chassis, components and side rails up to 12 meters (40 ft) long.