Maxion Cruzeiro produces side rails meeting the wide range of specifications on the market, stamped on the newest steel HSDP (High Strengths Dual Phases). The great expertise in supplying chassis for trucks, buses and pick-ups for the leading automakers, contributes to the development of projects that are focused on reducing cost and weight , combined with high resistance and durability.
The unit has in its portfolio the most varied types of structural components for vehicle bodies and chassis, due to its diversified industrial park and to its extensive experience in stamping processes and generating sets. Joining modern stamping techniques with the vast experience in assembly processes, Maxion provides its customers with assemblies of diversified items, such as forged parts, tubes, metal castings and stamping of any level of complexity.
Maxion Cruzeiro has unique lines of presses to manufacture stamped parts with different materials, dimensions, weight and thickness. Besides Stamping, it has several processes of machining and assembling of the most complex assemblies and know-how in the application of Surface treatment, in order to meet the most varied needs of the auto parts market.
With its highly flexible technical capacity, Maxion Cruzeiro offers from the most fundamental to the most complex solutions involving stamped parts, calendered, ground parts, laser cut, bent, welded, riveted and bolted, which are to be applied in the most complex segments of the industry.