Structural Components for Vehicle frames

Technical Specifications

  • Cold rolled steel used with mixed feature, fountain/structural
  • Thickness 0.7 to 2.0 millimeters (0,027 to 0, 078 inch)
  • Geometry of medium complexity with large areas of engagement
  • Stamping in tandem between 400-800 tons.
  • CNC Controls/Statistical stamped and welded assemblies
  • Operating high demand
  • Robotic cells with manipulators
  • Fasteners with automated processes

Structural sets welded in robotic cells with automatic devices and Static/CNC controls. We apply structural materials in the range of 400 MPa and Dual Phase 800 MPa, having as main items Column A and B, Bumper, Reinforcement, Rear beams, Wheel box and Suspension reinforcement.