Maxion has been in Contagem/MG since 1974 ,  it was originally known as Eluma auto parts and has become a  Iochpe-Maxion  Automotive Division of Components  when the company was acquired by the Group in 1994, having all kinds of technological and administrative  support  of its main office. In partnership with Bradesco Bank, Brosol Participações S/A has been incorporated in 1996, subsequently Tecmisa Automotive Components has been created since then.

At this time, Iochpe-Maxion Group added a new plant to its Industrial Park of Contagem in MG, expanding the business and attracting new customers, increasing its market leadership with several of its products. Since July 1999, the company was under the corporate name of Maxion Automotive Components S/A. Then from August 2004 on, due to the Group restructuring, it was then known as Maxion Automotive Systems S/A – Automotive Components Division.

In 2002,  the incorporation of Batz do Brasil operations happened, which is a company from Mondragon Group and it is specialized in construction and massive tooling operation ,  yet projecting pedal systems and parking brakes, with which company had been made a technology contract. From the time when the incorporation, Maxion has become the exclusive supplier of pedals and parking brakes of all GM permanent projects, also supplying in a high volume for FIAT.

In 2004, the sale of the   machinery operations of electric drive and manual windows happened. The plants of Ford Camacari, VW Taubaté, FIAT Betim, VW Anchieta, and GM São Caetano do Sul and São José dos Campos were supplied by this operation. This Operation was then sold to BROSE Brazil. BROSE Brazil, which settled in Curitiba, started up a new alignment in the core of the company’s products.

From 2005 the metal business was directed and implemented with following developments aimed at transforming structural steel and the closing of welded sets of high and medium representation in the body of the projects and   the directed use of automated processes in stamped and welded processes.

Consequently, it was necessary a gradual expansion from  2009 to 2012, when there was a substantial increase in the manufacturing area dedicated to installing  large presses with capacities from 400 to 1000 ton., Automatic Machines for welding fasteners, small stamped processes and   robotic welding cells for manufacturing sets such as column A, column B, cross car beam, bumper reinforcement among others.