Actions with the community


With the support of Fundação IOCHPE, which manages the project FORMARE throughout Brazil, Maxion Contagem plays an important social function in order to improve the quality of people’s life and communities in which it operates, investing in education and welfare. With the dedication of teachers and volunteers staff, The Project FORMARE is a school that works with the manufacturing unit of the company, offering professional training to disadvantaged youth between 16 and 17 years old, seeking a comprehensive training and their integration into the formal market.

First graduating class: 1996
Total of groups formed: 18
FORMARE Contagem educated: 315 teenagers


Every year in December, a charity network formed by employees of the company get together and set the goal of raising large amounts of donations of clothing, toys and shoes for nurseries of underserved communities. These gifts are delivered to Institutions by all the employees in a true Christmas atmosphere.